Anti-stress Biophoton Resonance Filter


The Chikey® ABRF

The Chikey® ABRF is the first handheld anti-stress biophoton resonance filter that can harmonize the chaotic biophoton emission associated with stress. By filtering and amplifying the body’s own light, the Chikey® causes your body to relax, decrease stress and improve wellness.  

The Chikey®  is completely safe, using only your own, naturally emitted light.

The Chikey®  has a wide range of applications for health improvement of all living beings, i.e. plants & animals!

  • Are you continuously under stress?
  • Do you need to relax?
  • Do you have visible scar tissue you’re not comfortable with?
  • Do you feel tired all the time and simply  don’t respond to any type of treatment?
  • Do you have sleeping problems?
  • Are you often confronted with jet lag due to your job?
  • Do you experience a loss of sense of well-being since having had a (car) accident or fall (whiplash)?

The Chikey® might be an option for you!

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Institute for Applied Biophoton Sciences



It is our MISSION to restore the foundations of our clients’ health so that they regain the capacity for self-healing on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level.

This way, awareness of their body’s signals (symptoms) and trust in its immune system is raised, resulting in complete independence of outside help.

The ultimate goal is to free everyone from the widespread misconceptions and illusions around illness and health and to reignite respect for nature’s intelligence.

The Health Angel Foundation
In 1991 the Health Angel Foundation was founded in Europe to promote the research and practice of Biontology worldwide through basic and clinical scientific studies and educational outreach in the field of biophotons.

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Chaotic Light separated from Coherent Light...

What does the Chikey® actually do?


The Chikey® works with two fiber-optic glass rods and fiber-optic cables. Through the glass rods, the Chikey® absorbs the light that any living system emits. This light consists of coherent (good) and chaotic (bad) light.

Through a filtering system, the chaotic light that is emitted is separated from the coherent or “good” light.

This chaotic light is then inverted and sent back to the living system, where it neutralizes the original “bad” light. Thus, the chaotic or incorrect information is eliminated. Stress is harmful to any system.

The Chikey® removes stress from all cells, whether plant, animal or human.

The Chikey® can be instrumental in restoring the self healing ability of the body when used in combination with customized  remedy cards.

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Every cell in your body emits approximately 100,000 biophotons per second,


Biophotons are LIGHT particles that are emitted from living tissue.

Every cell in your body emits approximately 100,000 biophotons per second.

All living beings radiate similar levels of biophotons per cell. Every light particle (biophoton) is an information package, carrying messages to receiving systems that enable them to carry out their functions and send out further information.

Whenever there’s a biochemical reaction, it is preceded by the emission of a biophoton. This means that if the human body (or any plant or animal) wants to carry out the appropriate biochemical actions and reactions, the information that it receives must be clear and coherent.

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